Arizona Cosplay Fashion Commercial and Live Music Photography | Photography Workshops

My workshops are becoming one of my favorite things to do!  Not only do I get to pass on what I have learned, but I always learn a little from my students! But the best part is seeing them grow and succeed doing something they love. 


My classes are hands on and all about building the skills and techniques needed to approach your goals in photography.  The goal of the classes is to build the foundation you need to apply your knowledge in the future.  No fluff or sales gimmick's.


Classes I Teach are

Lighting and how approach it


Photoshop Composites - Entry Level Composites and techniques to build on


If you want to see what classes are coming up, check out the events tab on my Facebook Page!


I also do 1 on 1 coaching and mentoring starting at $300 this includes meeting you at your place, or location and 2hrs of hands on teaching in the subject of your choice.


To schedule 1 on 1 coaching contact me at